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About Us

Surface 519 was formed as a tool to save you time, money and lots of confusion. A tool that will allow you to provide YOUR customers a work of art that is functional and will last.

Surface 519 has a philosophy that is a bit different than most companies. We actually use and test as many products as we can ourselves. This hands-on experience allows us to provide real-life, factual information about application, performance and aesthetics that isn't based on a manufacturer's biased data sheet or sales pitch.

We do not manufacture products so we are not limited by product line in providing your protection solution. Surface 519 has formed alliances with the manufacturers of the top performing products in the industry in order to provide you a source for consulting, product and technical service -- all with the personal attention you deserve.

Our Company is owned by Troy Thompson. Troy is a successful artisan and an industry leader in concrete countertops and decorative flooring. Troy has attended training classes, seminars and presentations by Cheng, CCI, Buddy Rhodes and others equipping him with an understanding of the diverse techniques and styles that are available. Troy is a skilled trainer and provides a vast array of educational and training seminars at our 25,000 sqft. facility. You can view Troy's work at www.surfaceconcrete.com

You are invited to use our free consulting and technical service to help you save time, money and frustration. We'll take the mystery out of protecting your concrete.


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