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Like the entire line of HID Ultraviolet equipment, the MAKO-T Handheld UV is equipped withInstant Start Lighting technology. Unique to HID Ultraviolet, this allows for the lamp to be turned on only when you need to cure. There is no need to wait for the lamp to warm up, or cool down before you can use the machine again. Just position the MAKO over the surface you intend to cure, press the button, and the lamp will start. This reduces the chance of unintended exposure to UV light, and eliminates the need for mechanical shutters.
The MAKO-T's design is well suited to use curing surfaces on bathtubs, sinks, and countertops.

The MAKO-T Handheld comes packaged in a crush proof case, making it impervious to wear and tear that it may endure going to and from job sites. The case comes with two sturdy handles, one extension handle, and wheels for easy transport. When not in use, place the MAKO-T in the custom thermoformed holster with a built in heat sink.

The lamp head has a modified ellipitical reflector that accommodates both focused curing as well as flood curing. Continuous wave xenon lamps produce 25 ??? 30% more energy than a stardard mercury and is low dose mercury at 10 mg or less, compared to 250 mg found in most other systems.

Like the entire line of HIDUV equipment, the MAKO-T is made with the most advanced features and technology in order to offer safe and reliable performance that sets the standard for onsite UV curing. A spring loaded trigger requires operator input in order to run the lamp head. A safety (emergency stop) button is mounted on the lamp head for easy access. Thermal sensors in the head and power pack monitor the operating temperature of the system.

The MAKO-T is equipped with an automatic range finder. Built in ultrasonic sensors can tell when the machine approaches the surface to be cured and will allow the light to operate only when near the substrate. If the lamp head is raised too far above the surface, it will automatically shut off in order to prevent Ultra Violet??exposure.
The machine has three LEDs that tell the operator if the machine is too close, in focus, or in flood mode in relation to the surface being cured. The MAKO-T is equipped with a Range Control Mode switch, which allows for the lamp to be temporarily operated beyond the range of the built in sensor.alt alt alt


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